What is the ECDL?
The European Computer Driving Licence is the pan-European Union qualification in personal computing skills. It is designed specifically for those who wish to gain a qualification in computing to help them with their current job, to help them expand their skills and enhance their career prospects.

Who is it aimed at?
This qualification is aimed at those with a basic or intermediate knowledge and understanding of computer operations. Training may be required for students for the areas of the qualification where their background knowledge is inadequate. A skill assessment will normally be undertaken before commencement of training or the test to establish current knowledge and experience.

Where will the course and tests be conducted?

Students will need to take a test for each of the seven modules required for the ECDL. Each test will have to be conducted by an accredited Test Centre.Vision Computer Training Ltd has achieved accreditation from the British Computer Society to deliver the European Computer Driving Licence. Individuals who are successful in passing the necessary tests will have their log books stamped accordingly and when all modules are completed the Log Book will be replaced with a personal unique ECDL licence.
What does ECDL Offer?
On completion of this award, the ECDL offers you:

* The recognition of your knowledge of standard business computer applications.
* A detailed statement of real computer skills.
* A qualification recognised throughout the European Union.

What is the Course Syllabus?
Basic Concepts of I.T
Management of Files
Word Processing
Database filing systems
Presentation and Drawing
Information Network Services

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