Excel 2000 Advanced
Templates and styles
What are templates?
Creating templates
Using templates
What are styles?
Creating and using styles

Importing data
Why import data?
The text wizard
Importing from a database
Database terminology
Using Microsoft query

"what if?" Utilities
Excel "what if?" Type utilities
Goal seek
Graphical goal seeking
Scenario manager
Solver terminology and examples

Data maps
What are data maps?
The data map control dialog box
Placing data on a map
Formatting a data map


Macros and custom controls
What are macros?
To record a macro
Running macros
Creating a button and assigning a macro
Attaching macros to a button
Drawing, editing and formatting buttons

Customizing Excel
Customizing Excel 2000 - options
Customizing toolbars

Security and proofing within Excel
Auditing and security features
The spell checker
What are shared workbooks?
Advanced workbook sharing options
Data validation
Workbook password protection
Workbook protection
Worksheet protection
Cell protection
Excel 2000 auditing tools
Auditing worksheets
Cell comments

What is consolidation?
Consolidating rows and columns