Excel 2000 Foundation
A first look at Excel 2000
The advantages of using Excel 2000
What are workbooks and worksheets?
Creating and opening workbooks
Entering data
Further data entry techniques
Using the pick list
Navigating in the worksheet
Selecting items within Excel 2000
Inserting and deleting cells, rows and columns
Saving workbooks
Moving between worksheets
Using the spelling checker
Closing an Excel 2000 workbook
Exiting Excel 2000

A closer look at the Excel 2000 screen
The standard toolbar
The formatting toolbar
Selecting worksheet views
Undo and repeat
The office assistant

Formatting and customizing data

Formatting options within Excel 2000
Data indentation and rotation
To center items in a cell/cells
Using fonts
Formatting numbers
Decimal places
Formatting columns and rows
Deleting cells, formats, objects and worksheets
Adding, editing and removing borders
Using Autoformat
Copying data
Copying data using drag and drop
Copying columns and rows

Formulas, functions and named ranges
Operator evaluation order within Excel 2000
Using the sum function
Other commonly used functions
Using paste function
Naming cells and ranges
Using named ranges with formulas

Introducing charts
Creating a chart
Manipulating charts
Changing the chart type

Page setup
Centering printed output
Headers and footers
Sheet printing options
Choosing a printer and changing settings
Printing a worksheet
Printing multiple files