Excel 2000 Intermediate
Renaming worksheets
Deleting and inserting worksheets
Finding files
Displaying other toolbars
Customizing the look of the toolbars & menus
Freeze panes
Grouping and ungrouping worksheets
The series command

Further formatting techniques

Conditional formatting
Creating new styles based on existing cell formatting
Using colors in Excel 2000
Using colors based on values
Hiding data and re-displaying data

Further functions
What are functions?
Using paste function
The if( ) function
Data validation functions
The hlookup / vlookup functions
A sample hlookup
The choose function
Entering a choose function
The date functions
Mathematical date functions
Time functions
Text manipulation functions

Database and list management
What is a database?
Excel 2000 databases
Database terminology
Creating, editing and navigating a database

Sorting an internal Excel 2000 database
What is autofilter?
Filtering data
Top 10 autofilter
Advanced filtering
Totaling and manipulating filtered data
Creating subtotals
Using data forms
The Excel 2000 data form

Customizing charts
The chart wizard
Adding and removing data
Changing data by dragging and dropping columns
Formatting the chart area
Chart formatting - legends
Chart formatting - axis
Chart formatting - the plot area
Chart formatting - gridlines
Chart formatting - the data series

Drawing and pictures
Drawing lines, boxes, ovals and arcs
Using autoshapes
Creating text boxes
Bring to front/send to back
Grouping and un-grouping objects

Excel 2000 and other applications
Using the conversion feature
Cut, copy and paste - using the clipboard
Using paste special
OLE - embedding vs. Linking
Linking data from other worksheets
Linking data from Word
Linking data to Word