Powerpoint Intermediate
File and folder management
· Basic file manipulation
· Finding files
· Advanced file searching
· Favorites
· Embedding truetype fonts
· Defining your default folder location
· Pack and go

Adding text to slides
· Text and PowerPoint
· Adding text in slide view
· Adding a new slide to a presentation
· Outline view and text
· Adding text in shapes
· Finding and replacing text
· Selection techniques

Formatting and proofing text
· Formatting within PowerPoint
· Replacing fonts
· Formatting fonts
· Additional text formatting effects
· Bullets
· Case formatting
· Using the format painter
· Remember the undo command!
· Paragraph alignment
· Line and paragraph space formatting
· Tab formatting
· Checking spelling

Using masters
· What are templates and slide masters?
· Create a new template file
· Adding a footer, date and numbering information
· Manipulating slide masters

The Microsoft clip gallery
· What is the Microsoft clip gallery?
· Using the Microsoft clip gallery
· Modifying the contents of the Microsoft clip gallery

Creating tables
· Tables and text manipulation
· Selection techniques within tables
· Manipulating cells, rows and columns
· Autoformatting tables

· Creating a chart
· Chart types
· Chart titles
· Chart axes
· Chart gridlines
· Chart legend
· Chart data labels
· Chart data table

Organization charts
· Creating an organization chart
· Adding or removing chart boxes
· Formatting organization chart boxes

PowerPoint and other applications
· PowerPoint and OLE
· Embedding objects from other applications
· Editing an embedded object
· Converting an embedded object into a PowerPoint object
· Linking objects from other applications
· The links command

Printing a presentation
· Printing under PowerPoint
· Setting up slides for printing
· Printing a presentation

Customizing PowerPoint
· Customizing your PowerPoint view options
· Customizing your PowerPoint general options
· Customizing your PowerPoint edit options
· Customizing your PowerPoint print options
· Customizing your PowerPoint save options
· Customizing your PowerPoint spelling options
· Customizing your PowerPoint advanced options
· Customizing your toolbars
· Autocorrect

Publishing presentations on the web
· What is web publishing?
· Converting a presentation to HTML format
· Viewing the web presentation using a browser