If you have any cultural or faith needs that you feel are not already being met, it is vitally important that you inform your Support Worker as soon as possible. We will try to ensure to accommodate your needs/requirements. Our aim is to provide a safe and enabling environment for women and children of all backgrounds.

If we are unable to accommodate your needs, we may be able to transfer you to a specialist refuge who may have more facilities to suit your needs, if you so wish.

For a full list of faith organisations, centres, clothing and food outlets, please see your Support Worker or the notice board in the dining room.


WAVE strives to ensure that women and children from all ethnic backgrounds receive appropriate support to meet each individuals needs.

If specialist support is required for example with immigration, language barriers, reading and writing, racism or any other issues you feel require extra attention….please speak to your Support Worker who will liaise with the appropriate agencies.

Once again, if you feel your needs would be met more effectively in a specialist refuge for BME women, please speak to your support worker.

Support Planning and Risk Management Sessions

• It will help you to identify things that you would like support with.
• It will help us to provide you with the most appropriate support to help make your stay with us be as positive and productive as possible.
• It will help ensure that you , other residents, and staff are safe.
• It will help us to assist in co-ordinating services and linking in with new ones.

• An initial risk / needs assessment will be completed before you are offered a room at the refuge. This will help us ensure that the refuge is the most appropriate place for you and to ensure that you and other residents are safe.
• Your full plan will be developed with yourself during the first week of your tenancy.
• It will be reviewed at least once a month at a time convenient to you. However, if there are any major changes in your circumstances, or if the risks identified have become worse, it can be reviewed sooner.
• Between reviews, you will meet with your support worker on a weekly basis to discuss how you are doing, although you can speak to any member of staff as often as you like with any queries concerns, or up dates.

• During your first week with us, your support worker will ask you a series of questions about your circumstances and health/well being of your family. Your replies and any concerns that you have will form the basis of your support / risk management plan.
• You will be asked to sign to say that you agree with the plan and any action points arising from it.

• Your Plan is confidential. This means that the only people have access to the information in it are YOU and members of staff on a “need to know” basis.
• Information will only be shared with other agencies with your written consent.
• The only other time information held within your Plan may be shared with the appropriate agency with/without your consent, is if we feel that the welfare and safety of children/vulnerable adults are at risk in any way.

If you need a safe environment then ring 01942 262270 now or contact us by clicking here.

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