Resource Centre

The Women's Resource Centre was developed to ensure that women have a supportive, friendly, non-threatening environment in which to learn.

The Resource Centre can help with job applications, CV's, and information and advice to do with learning and work. We can help rebuild your confidence and help you get back to work, find a better job or just feel good about yourself.

Entering or re-entering the world of learning or training can be an enormous challenge, especially if you have been out of education any length of time.

Reasons for returning to learning or or training are as varied as the people it affects and the ways of getting back to learning need to suit your circumstances.

The Resource Centre has developed a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.


  • Computers for the Terrified
  • Basic Counselling
  • Aromatherapy
  • Our family matters
  • Budgeting with a family
  • Psychology
  • Book-keeping

Can't see the course you want. Many courses can be arranged and are run dependant on demand.

Is there a course you feel you want to do? Call in and register an interest and the staff will do all they can to help find a course to suit your needs.


We can provide:
  • counselling
  • training
  • self-help groups
  • mentoring and
  • signposting services for women

Open Monday - Friday
10am - 2pm

No appointment necessary, just drop in to discuss your requirements or
Telephone: 01942 292290

to speak to one of our advisors

101 Railway Road
Leigh WN7 4AD