W.A.V.E's mission is to provide safe shelter and support services for women and children who have been subjected to domestic abuse. W.A.V.E Domestic Abuse Centre is a vital resource providing confidential assistance including emergency safety services such as refuge and 24 hour crisis helplines. But you don't have to stay in the refuge to get help from the centre. W.A.V.E. provides a full range of non-refuge related services.
The staff on all our projects have accurate information about domestic abuse and are experienced in providing assistance. They understand the family court and social security systems and are familiar with other community resources that might be useful to you.

The refuge is a safe place to stay while you gather your thoughts, begin to think about what you want to do next and perhaps even start the process of making a new life for yourself and, if you have children, for them too.


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make decisions for women

encourage women to either
stay with or leave their partner.
This decision is the sole
responsibility of the women.

support a woman in any
decision she makes

have advocates who are
specially trained to give
other women and
children support in time
of crisis. They can also
assist you in utilising
community resources.

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