WORD 2000 Advanced

. What are styles?
Creating styles
Styles in documents and styles in templates
Applying styles
Modifying styles
Heading styles

What are templates?
Creating documents based on specific templates
Creating a document using a template wizard
Creating your own template

Using Autoformat
Running Autoformat from the format drop down menu
Removing Autoformat changes
Setting Autoformat options

Long documents - section formatting and master documents
Why use section breaks?
Inserting section breaks
Page setup/section layout
What are master documents?
Constructing a master document

Using fields
What are Word 2000 fields?
Inserting the date and time
Inserting the file name into a document as a field
Viewing, updating, unlinking, locking and navigating fields
Generating a table of contents
Formatting a table of contents
Generating an index entry
Generating an index

Customizing Word
Displaying toolbars
View options
General options
Edit options
Print options
File location options
Save options
Spelling and grammar options
Autoformat options

Advanced use of find and replace
Using "special" find and replace features
Advanced use of find and replace

Word macros

Miscellaneous advanced features
File conversion
Equation editor
Document map
What is outlining?
Highlight changes
Password protection
Word count