Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refuge like?
A refuge is a safe and stable environment were women can come to gather their thoughts. It is a place where people understand what you are going through. WAVE will not make decisions for you, but whatever you decide WAVE will support you throughout.

Will everything I tell you be kept confidential?
Yes! Everything that you tell us is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission. The only time that WAVE will disclose information to other agencies is if there are child protection issues.

Will I have support when I move into the refuge?
Yes! When you arrive at the refuge you will be allocated a keyworker. She will support you throughout your stay at the refuge.

Will I have my own room if I came to a refuge?
All refuges vary. Some of them you will have access to your own bedroom and on suite shower room like our own refuge. Others you will have a communal bathroom but your own bedroom and some do have shared bedrooms. In most refuges women will share communal areas such as, lounge, kitchen, dinning room, laundry etc.

Can I come in to the refuge and speak to staff?
Visitors are not permitted to visit the refuge due to confidentiality reasons. WAVE does have a public building were women can come and talk with a support worker. Please contact 01942262290 for more information about this service.

I work! can I keep my job?
Yes! All women are welcome no matter if they work or not.

Can my children come with me?
All children are welcome. WAVE will support children along with their mothers however boys over 14 may need special permission to stay at the refuge.

What about all my furniture?
Unfortunately WAVE is unable to store large items of furniture. WAVE will help to find appropriate storage if you wish to store your furniture until you find a new home.

What if I change my mind?
It is ok to change your mind, if you wish to return home this is fine it is your choice. You can still wish to access WAVE services at anytime.

What about my pets?
Unfortunately pets are not permitted at the refuge. WAVE can access a pet fostering service that will take care of your pets until you are ready to move. (There is a small fee for this service.)