Janet Bennett
Before I started my ECDL course the only thing I did on a computer was go on the internet. I was an unemployed single parent wanting to improve my IT skills so I could improve my career prospects. The course itself was daunting at first but with the help and understanding from Ray and Adrian became interesting and on most days quite fun and week by week became a lot easier. With a relaxed atmosphere I was able to complete the course in my own time and because there wasn’t a time limit on completing the course didn’t feel that there was any pressure. Thanks to Ray and Adrian I completed the course and got a job within the Voluntary sector as an administrator. I would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to gain or improve their IT skills.

Susan Klein
I think that I am very lucky to be awarded funding to do a computer course. I had been in a different refuge before Hawthorn House and no such courses could be offered due to lack of funding.
When asked if I wanted to participate with the course, I was full of good intentions and immediately said “yes”. As the start date for the course drew nearer I did have every intention of going. Finally the Friday came and when I started I did three hours. I did not like it at all. I felt lost, unconfident and full of doubts and I didn’t go again for three weeks. On the third week I woke up at 9.45, my course was due to start at 9.30. After a long hard think I decided that if I could make the effort to do something so worthwhile and complete this course, no matter how it long it took, then and only then, had I moved on from my unfortunate circumstances and would be ready and able to go ahead and make a home for me and my family. It was the turning point that I needed.
Apart from learning and enjoying every bit of my course, I have made numerous friends, met some very nice people and all this has helped me to regain my confidence.
It gave me a purpose to get up in the mornings and because our course and the people running it were so flexible, they often let us come in 2 or 3 times a week.
It has basically integrated me back into ordinary every day life. Today, as I write this, I have just picked up my ECDL Certificate and passport and I know that I can do another course. In fact, I know that I can do anything that I set my mind to. It has been greatly appreciated